About Us

There are over 150 million tribal people living in more than 60 countries worldwide. Of these, at least 70 'uncontacted' tribes continue to live with no interaction with outsiders.

There has to be a better way

This is what led to the foundation of Tribal Survival. Tribal Survival offers Western medicine and healthcare at no cost and with no strings attached. Our charity actively encourages the retention and celebration of indigenous culture and traditions.

A vast number of tribal people are resistant to the ever encroaching globalised world. Tribal Survival supports their right to self-determination and the preservation of their cultural heritage. However, an inherent limitation in the isolation they crave is the reduction in the speed in which these societies can adapt to the ever evolving threat of illness and disease.

As a result, millions of tribal people spend a significant amount of their lives in pain or suffering and often life expectancy is considerably lower than that in the developed world. The plight of these people is seldom acknowledged. Tribal Survival believes that modern scientific developments in medicine can improve the lives of marginalised tribal people without imposing on the cultural values these societies hold dear. We have much to learn from them.