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There are over 150 million tribal people living in more than 60 countries worldwide. Of these, at least 70 'uncontacted' tribes continue to live with no interaction with outsiders.


Charles Montanaro earned a degree in Anthropology from Durham University in 1976. Over the past [15] years, he has travelled to jungles all around the world in search of undiscovered indigenous people or tribes living in remote areas that have had little contact with the Western world.

His first expedition was to the Amazon rainforest in South America. He went hunting with the Huaorani – who describe themselves as the fiercest warriors in the Amazon – and then to Ecuador where he lived with the Yanomami of Venezuela and the Embera of Panama.

His next adventure was to live with the San People of Botswana, one of the oldest known cultures, and to live with the Australian Aborigines in Kakadu.

Indonesia has been the focus in more recent years: the Mentawai of Siberut (Sumatra); the Dani and Yali of the Beliem Valley (Irian Jaya) and the Kombai and Korowai (West Papua), stone-age tribes still practising cannibalism who live in tree houses.